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Your New Life is Waiting.

When to See a Therapist

  • You experience mental health symptoms that cause distress in your life: anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.
  • You want to heal from past hurts or trauma
  • You struggle with interpersonal relationships and would like to learn strategies to feel less impacted by others
  • You need support navigating emotions

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is for all ages and is an opportunity to process and explore your thoughts, to find healing for relationships, learn to problem solve with effective tools, build resilience within yourself, and reduce stress and anxiety in your life. We don’t just work with you on your mental wellness, but your emotional, physical, and spiritual state of being.


Christian Counselling

Christian Counselling uses the biblical foundations and scripture for replacing the lies of what we tend to believe and replaces them with God’s truth. We also need to be aware that God has given us an understanding into the brain and nervous system. With scripture and psychological tools, we are here to guide you through some of the difficulties that you are faced with.

We believe that integrating evidence-based therapeutic practices with the love of God is key to a more fulfilling healing process.

Having a place where you feel valued without judgement to explore and examine the experiences and aspects of your life is key as we honour you in the healing process.

When to see a life coach

  • You want to get ‘unstuck’ and set goals you will actually achieve
  • You want to accelerate to the next step in your career
  • You feel like your life is on autopilot, and want to challenge yourself or break out of your comfort zone
  • You want to stop unhelpful habits and replace them with healthy alternatives
  • You know your inner critic keeps you from living your best life and you want to learn how to quiet your voice
  • You desire to live with purpose and meaning but do not know where to start
  • You want to tap your inner motivation for a major goal
  • You know that you have a lot to feel grateful for but something is missing and you need that extra inspiration to piece your puzzle together
  • You want to hold yourself more accountable, whether in your personal or professional life
  • You feel confused about the next chapter in your life (i.e. struggling with career decisions or major life choices) and would like guidance on what would best serve you

Coaching Services

We offer a space to help you navigate and explore through life’s challenges. Maybe you are struggling with cognitive limitations, depression, and/or anxiety. Perhaps you are feeling stuck and wanting to set goals, feel like your life is on autopilot but want to challenge yourself and breakout of your comfort zone or stop those unhealthy habits and thoughts and replace them with a healthy alternative. These are just some ways in which we will come alongside and help you move towards a more balanced, purposeful, and confident life.